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This page contains a compliation of notices concerning our broadcasts. In most cases they deal with technical and/or Live365 issues and are listed with the most recent notice on top.

A recent licensing decision by the (U.S.) copyright board with the support of the (U.S.) recording industry has fatally impacted our long time broadcast facilitator and partner Live365 Inc., resulting in an abrupt, short-notice loss of the licensed streaming content-delivery platform our broadcasts have relied on. Effective February 1, 2016, our broadcasts are no longer streaming and will remain "off the air" for an indefinite period while arrangements for migrating over to an acceptable alternative are being made. Notifications of any breaking updates and/or other significant status changes will be posted on this site's "radio" pages as they come into play.

Only The Oldies launched in a test phase during the afternoon (MSDT) of Sunday June 1, 2008 with the first few listeners tuning in the next day. The station replaces the former RNRZ which ceased just over 8 years of broadcasting on May 31, 2008.

Users of recent Mozilla based browsers such as Netscape v7 and Firefox v1 may be experiencing problems launching broadcasts due to the browser's built-in pop-up ad blocker which operates by default on all sites (except conveniently enough a few Mozilla and AOL related sites in the case of Netscape). This pop-up blocker effectively prevents the station and log-in windows from launching after the listen button on our page has been clicked. To get around this, follow these commands from the browser menu bar: Tools/Popup Manager/Allow Popups From This Site. Enter "rocknrollzone.com" and "live365.com" separately to the list of "allowed" domains. The use of an outside blocker utility that can be readily suspended by pressing a key is highly recommended.

If you get a "station not available" message when attempting to listen over a secure corporate, military or institutional network, try launching the broadcast from the respective Live365 Station Page. Your network administrator might be able to give you further assistance with this issue. The links to this page are located toward the bottom of each of this site's broadcast pages.

Live365 has made changes to the player selection interface that appears on a "first-time" station launch. If you encounter difficulty assigning the player of your choice, it is advised that you clear your browser's cache / cookies and restart the browser before any further attempts. If your connection is behind a company firewall, check with your system administrator as some network permission settings may have to be updated.

A coding error that resulted in Netscape Navigator failing to launch the Live365 player / log-in window has been identified and corrected. If the condition persists, press <ctrl> + R to force Navigator to load the updated file. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

At the request of Live365, a corresponding Live365 Station Page will now open along with the player / log-in window. This is due to legal requirements set forth by the creative and recording rights organizations that license Live365 to broadcast copyrighted works.

Live365 is moving toward a requirement that users log-in prior to listening. This will require that a one-time (free) registration must be performed by current non-members. To facilitate this, the player window now contains a sign-in dialog when it first opens. A non-registration "trial" option remains in place, but this is to be eliminated in early 2003.

A minor distortion effect that's audible on occasion in the On The Rocks stream has been noted. This occurred during the initial pre-launch encoding process for the music files. As a "fix" we will be gradually replacing all of the station's tracks with newly encoded ones. This proceedure should be virtually transparent to the listener with the most audible difference being that the replacement tracks may have a slightly lower audible level. A number of tracks have already been replaced for testing purposes, but the full task will not likely be completed until well into 2003.

The On The Rocks broadcast was successfuly launched Sunday May 26, 2002 at 6:00 PM MSDT.

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